Catalina Island, CA Climate

Summary Graph

The summary climate graph for Catalina Island, CA shows a selection of temperature, rainfall and snow minimum, mean and maximum measures over the course of a year. Click on each of the measures in the key to toggle them on and off.

Graph of average and extreme temperature ranges by day for Catalina Island, CA.


The warmest month in Avalon, Catalina Island, California is August with an average high temperature of 78.0°F. The hottest day on record was September 27 2010 when the temperature hit 104.0°F. During March the overnight temperature drops to an average of 50.4°F with the lowest temperature of 37.0°F being recorded on February 27 2011.

Warmest Days

Warmest Months

Coldest Days

Coldest Months

The warmest days on record are:

27 Sep 2010104°F
21 Jun 2008100.9°F
22 Jul 200699°F
1 Sep 200799°F
29 Aug 200998.1°F

The warmest months on average were:

July 200684.7°F
August 201284°F
September 201283.7°F
September 200982.4°F
July 197481.8°F

The coldest days on record are:

27 Feb 201137°F
11 Mar 200637.4°F
14 Jan 200739°F
1 Apr 201039°F
30 Dec 201039°F

The coldest months on average were:

March 200644.3°F
February 201146.1°F
April 201046.9°F
January 200847.7°F
December 200747.7°F


The wettest month by average rainfall in Catalina Island, CA is February with an average of 2.4 inches of rain falling on 1 to 2 days.Although in December it typically rains on more days with 1.5 inches falling in 2 to 3 days. The driest month by average rainfall in Catalina Island, CA is September with an average of 0.0 inches of rain falling on 0 to 1 days. Although in June it typically rains on less days with 0.1 inches falling in 0 to 0 days

Wettest Days

The wettest days on record are:

10 January 20051.8 inches
5 January 20081.7 inches
19 January 20101.7 inches
3 January 20060.9 inches
4 January 20110.7 inches

Wettest Months

The wettest months on record are:

February 20057.8 inches
January 20087.3 inches
January 20106.7 inches
January 20056.5 inches
December 20106 inches

Driest Months

The driest months on record are:

March 19440 inches
August 19430 inches
September 19430 inches
October 19430 inches
November 19430 inches
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